About Aging Services Clinic

Welcome to Health First Aging Services

With strong community support and concern for Brevard’s elderly, Health First launched its first specialty program for older adults in 2002. Today, these services provide a comprehensive network of care and outreach for the elderly and their caregivers through Health First Aging Services. Programs of Aging Services include physician-led consultation, as well as services and programs to support family and professional caregivers.

Promoting Positive Aging

Chances are you or someone you know will live to be well into their hundreds. Thanks to modern medicine, Americans are staying active and living longer than ever before. Today, older adults represent the fastest growing segment of our American society. One of out every five U.S. residents is over 65, and it’s even higher in Florida and Brevard County.

Fortunately, most people over age 60 have few medical problems and lead active, independent lives. They are helping to change the stereotypes long-associated with advancing age from frail and sedentary to active and engaged.

At Health First Aging Services, we are jointly focused on addressing wellness in aging, along with managing the challenges, diseases and impairments some older adults experience in later life.

Specialty Geriatric Care The Aging Services Team

Care at Aging Services is led by “Geriatrician,” a physician who is trained specifically to promote health and to prevent and treat diseases and disabilities in older adults. Along with ARNP’s, social workers and nurses, they offer skilled and compassionate care. Our medical teams are patient-centered and often work in close collaboration with a patient’s family members and other physicians to improve a patient’s health and daily function.

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