Educational Videos

Aging in America Conference, April 16, 2011 Videos

Assessment of Cognitive Impairment Post-Hospitalzation - Visa Srinivasan, MD (A comprehensive evaluation is a crucial componet to evaluating cognitive impairment post hospitalization. Neuro-cognitive impairment occurs in nearly 80% of ICU surviors increasing level of dependence, caregiver burden, and cost.)

Caregiving for Seniors Conference, January 30, 2010 Videos

Unspoken Challenges in Various Stages of Dementia - Visa Srinivasan, MD (Dealing with dementia can often times be challenging but gaining a clearer understanding of the various stages and what to expect along the way can make it easier to cope and care for the person.)

Caregiver Survival - Kelly Dunn, MD
(As a family member caring for an older adult or person with dementia, it is normal to experience a wide range of emotions. It is not uncommon to experience anger, depression, and sadness at various times.)