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HIPAA Compliance Training Register

Privacy requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), regulate the way Protected Health Information (PHI) - patient or member financial, demographic, or medical information - is handled. These regulations govern all healthcare providers, including Health First, as well as any parties who may have access to our PHI and/or use it on our behalf. Part of the HIPAA regulations require us to educate these parties about PHI.

If we've asked you to complete our online HIPAA training, please fill in the information below and click "Next." You will then automatically go to a page of information to read and indicate that you agree to follow the requirements listed. Your proper selection of the "Title" options will ensure you receive the appropriate information for your role:

  • A business associate is a person or organization such as a lawyer, consultant, transcription agency, etc., who does business on behalf of Health First. Usually their services directly involve PHI.
  • Students include interns and residents working at Health First as part of an educational program.
  • A vendor is a person or organization such as contractors, suppliers, sales/service representatives, etc., who does business with Health First. Their services generally do not involve PHI, but if they inadvertently encounter PHI, it is important they understand our privacy requirements.
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