Through the generosity of the Brevard County community, the Health First Foundation has been able to support a wide array of health care initiatives across Health First. Through the years these have included specialized programs for the Health First Cancer Institute.

New technologies and research have helped decrease the overall cancer death rate and increase the number of cancer survivors. While these trends show that progress is being made, much work still remains. The Health First Cancer Institute is working diligently to fight and beat cancer.

Funds raised from the 2016 Health First Foundation Benefit Ball helped equip the Health First Cancer Institute with state-of-the-art lung cancer detection equipment. With 500 to 700 new lung cancer cases diagnosed each year in Brevard County, Health First is committed to providing the latest tools to aid in early detection of this deadly disease. This includes endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) and electronavigation bronchoscopy (ENB) equipment. The technology is minimally invasive, helping to detect early stage lung cancers.

Your generosity helped your friends, family and neighbors fight cancer here at home in Brevard County.