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Melasma is a chronic complexion condition triggered by a hormonal change that predominantly affects women. Brown patches appear on the face and forehead. Common triggers such as pregnancy, menopause, oral contraceptives, certain medications and the sun can cause them to reoccur as well


Protect your face! Avoid sun as much as possible, especially during peak sunlight hours. Wear sunblock and reapply approximately every two hours. Use sunblock with at least 30 SPF and one containing zinc oxide for your best protection. Also, a wide-brimmed hat and big sunglasses will help protect you while outside.

There are several treatments available to help reduce the appearance of Melasma. These include microdermabrasion, Dermapen®, Fraxel Laser resurfacing or customized skin therapies such as chemical peels.

Contact our registered nurse, Virginija Bernotiene, for a consultation. She is highly skilled in providing aesthetic services, and can develop a treatment plan that will work best for your skin type.