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Skin Tags

A skin tag is a common, benign condition consisting of a small bit of skin that protrudes from the surrounding skin and may appear attached to the skin. Skin tags can vary in appearance. For example, they may be smooth or irregular, flesh colored or deeply pigmented, raised above the skin or have a stalk which makes it hang from the skin.

Skin tags can occur almost anywhere on the skin. However, favorite areas for skin tags are the eyelids, neck, armpits, upper chest, and groin. They are much more common with age, beginning in middle age and tend to be more prevalent in women than men.

This tiny skin growth generally causes no symptoms unless repeatedly irritated, for example, by a piece of clothing. In which case, treatment may include freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen causing the skin tag to fall off in time, or by cutting off a cosmetically unwanted skin tag with a scalpel. This procedure takes only minutes and can be performed in-office with minimal ease. Please call our office for an appointment with our Registered Nurse, Virginija, who is very experienced in the removal of skin tags. You'll be quite pleased with the results!