Get to know your endocrine system.

You have glands throughout your body that produce and secrete hormones that are necessary for growth, movement, respiration, reproduction and metabolism. 

Each gland has a specific set of functions that contribute to your wellness and health.

  • Adrenal: Produces cortisol, known as the “stress hormone” and also controls your sex drive
  • Hypothalamus: Regulates body temperature, hunger, mood, thirst, sleep and the release of hormones throughout the body 
  • Ovaries: Responsible for female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, as well as testosterone
  • Pancreas: Produces insulin that controls your blood sugar levels
  • Parathyroid: Regulates calcium in your body
  • Pineal: Produces and releases melatonin, which helps you sleep
  • Pituitary: This so-called “master control gland” controls your other glands and also produces growth hormones
  • Thyroid: Creates and releases hormones associated with your heart rate and your ability to burn calories
  • Testes: Produces the male hormone, testosterone, and sperm