Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Take the next step in your recovery. 

Recovery is within reach.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a physician-supervised program that includes evaluation and instruction on physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and other health-related areas. Our team works to develop an individualized treatment plan. If you have one of the following diagnoses, you may be eligible to participate:

  • Heart attack (within the preceding 12 months). 
  • Angina.
  • Cardiac surgery (coronary bypass or valve surgery).
  • Coronary artery angioplasty or stents. 
  • Heart failure (*based on NYHA guidelines). 
  • Heart transplantation. 
  • Other qualifying cardiac conditions. 


Phases of recovery. 

Our comprehensive program at Health First Heart & Vascular consists of three phases designed to meet your individual needs with education, exercise, and support.

  1. Phase 1 - Our inpatient program is just the beginning. Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation includes education and supervised activity for hospital patients recovering from a cardiac-related illness or event.
  2. Phase 2 - Exercise, education, and teamwork to get you on the right track. Our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation includes electrocardiogram (ECG) heart-monitored exercise training, education, and counseling to help individuals understand their heart condition and find ways to reduce the risk of future heart problems. Generally, classes are held three times per week for up to 36 visits. Each class typically varies between one to two hours in length.
  3. Phase 3 - Take charge of your continuing cardiac rehabilitation. After the completion of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, our team can help you make the transition to our Phase 3 maintenance program where you will continue exercising with your cardiac rehabilitation team, without EKG monitoring, for a nominal fee. Our team can also assist you with transitioning to a community-based independent exercise program, such as Pro-Health & Fitness.


Our team approach. 

Our staff uses a multidisciplinary team approach. Team members include a medical director, supervising physicians, nurses, and exercise physiologists. Your physician will be involved during all phases of cardiac rehabilitation.


Benefits of cardiac rehabilitation. 

  • Live longer and lessen your chances of further heart issues.
  • Manage heart disease symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath.
  • Improve blood flow around your heart.
  • Lessen the physical and emotional effects of heart disease.
  • Improve your stamina and strength so you can resume your usual activities.
  • Build your confidence and well-being.


Getting started. 

Cardiac patients who’ve elected to receive rehabilitative therapy, including exercise training, education, and behavioral interventions, are more likely to achieve and maintain optimal health. The cardiac rehabilitation staff at Health First Heart & Vascular encourages you to speak to your physician about how you may benefit from our services.

For more information about cardiac rehabilitation services, please call 321.434.8889.



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