Living will.

Your health and quality of life are important to us. We understand how deeply personal and sensitive end-of life-decisions can be for your and your loved ones. 

A living will is a declaration of your wishes if you are unable to make medical or healthcare decisions for yourself. It is a legal document that will be followed by Health First’s healthcare providers and associates if you are unconscious or otherwise able to directly communicate with your doctor.

As part of your living will, you will be asked whether you want to withhold or withdraw medical procedures that would prolong your life if you have a terminal or end-stage illness, or if you are in a persistent vegetative state. 

This could include:

  • Life-saving treatment such as CPR or mechanical respiration through a ventilator
  • Blood transfusions
  • Surgery
  • Feeding tubes
  • Provisions for food and water


How to complete a living will.

Communication is key when signing a living will. You may want to discuss your options beforehand with your healthcare providers or your loved ones. 

Your living will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses, per Florida law, and one of those people cannot be a spouse or a blood relative. 

Once you sign a living will, we encourage you to make your wishes known to your doctors and nurses, and those closest to you. You should give a copy of your declaration to your loved ones and your primary care doctor, and bring it with you to the hospital if you are scheduled for surgery or other medical procedures.


Changing or revoking your will.

You can change or revoke your will, or any advance directive, at any time. 

To legally change or revoke your living will you may:

  • Sign a date a letter indicating your wish to change or revoke your living will.
  • Destroy the original document or ask someone to destroy it for you in your presence and at your direction.
  • Tell your healthcare provider you wish to revoke or change your living will.
  • Fill out and sign a new living will that supersedes the older document.

If you have changed or revoked your living will, please notify your primary care doctor, your healthcare providers at the hospital, and your loved ones to ensure the changes are made.


How to get help with your living will.

The decision to fill out a living will is entirely your choice. We know you may have more questions. 

Our doctors and nurses can answer questions, or you can reach out to our pastoral care or ethics committee.

For South Brevard, call 321.434.7183
For Central Brevard, call 321.868.2718

You can call your attorney if you need legal advice, or call the Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 800.342.8011 or Brevard County Legal Aid at 321.631.2500.


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