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Infectious Diseases

What is an Infectious Disease Specialist?

An Infectious Disease (ID) Physician specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses caused by germs or microorganisms. With advanced training and experience in this area, the ID Physician covers a unique cross-section of medicine. Often, the ID physician is called upon to evaluate and oversee many of the more complex medical cases, both in the office and hospital.

The ID Physician acts as a medical detective of sort to find clues to isolate the problem and better solve it. They will review your medical history and perform the adequate tests to gain a greater understanding of the root of the illness. Treatments usually include antibiotics to fight off the infection and prevent its return. Such antibiotics may be given orally or via an IV tube (administered directly into your veins) in the ID physician's office to decrease the need for hospitalization. If treatment is necessary, your doctor and the ID Physician will work together on program of care best suited to your particular needs.

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