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Complex Fracture Repair

Managing the traumatically-injured patients, especially with multiple or complex orthopedic injuries, often presents unique medical challenges. These patients require immediate treatment at unpredictable times that must be initiated without the benefit of detailed history and physical examinations, pre-existing doctor-patient relationship, or insurance authorizations.  
Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne is able to assist patients, orthopedic physicians, and other hospitals in our region by providing the highest level of care. 

Our services:
  Acetabular (hip joint) and pelvic fractures involving the joint surface (peri-articular fractures)

  Fractures around joint replacement devices

  Fractures involving the joint surface (peri-articular fractures)

  Fractures that are not healing (non-union) or are healing poorly (mal-union)

  Multiple injuries resulting from accidents, falls, or other trauma

  Reconstruction of fractured joints

  Techniques to preserve broken or degenerated joints

  Use of cutting-edge technology to reconstruct osteoporotic bone fractures

Our Orthopedic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialists use advanced technologies and expertise to repair these complex fractures, leading to markedly better outcomes than other treatments.  Many of these techniques are minimally invasive, allowing for less pain and faster recovery. 

Among the advanced orthopedic surgical techniques used by the Orthopedic & Reconstructive Surgery team at Holmes Regional Medical Center are:
  Specialized implant designs
  Use of biological stimulants such as bone morphogenic proteins to help reconstruct or repair complex fractures that would otherwise require joint replacement or significant rebuilding of the joint