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Hand and upper-extremity surgery

Surgery of Hand and Upper Extremities — Specialized treatment of the hands, arms, and shoulders
Your hands, arms, and shoulders connect your mind with your environment - allowing you to put your thoughts into action - whether it's a hug for a loved one, functioning on the job, or enjoying a favorite sport or hobby. When trauma, overuse, or disease cause problems or pain in your hands or upper extremities you need complete, specialized care.

What does a Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist treat?
These specialists focus on the unique orthopedic and musculoskeletal challenges of the hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder, offering non-invasive treatments that can escalate to surgical intervention when needed. If damage from an accident, trauma, or disease impacts any area from the hand to the shoulder, it's ideal to seek care from a Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist at the outset; however, the specialist can become involved at any point in the treatment or recovery phase.

Which symptoms and conditions might warrant consulting a specialist?
Unexpected pain, tingling, or numbness are some of the most obvious signs of an underlying problem. A few common conditions that can benefit from a visit to the Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist at Palm Bay Hospital are:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A "pins-and-needles" type of pain during rest (usually at night); and/or pain that radiates from the wrist at any time.
  • Trigger Finger: A locking or catching of your fingers when flexing or extending your hand
  • Tennis Elbow: Pain that may radiate from the elbow to the wrist or hand and cause weakness that makes it difficult to twist a doorknob or lift a cup
  • Rotator Cuff Injury: Shoulder weakness, tenderness, loss of motion, and pain, especially when reaching overhead or sleeping on the affected side

Are there common diseases that can involve hand and upper-extremity issues?
Diabetes can destroy small blood vessels, resulting in pain. Arthritis can cause joints and tendons to become deformed and painful, severely impacting the usefulness of the hands. Skin cancer can reach down into the layers of skin that contain sensitive nerve endings. Our Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist can help you explore treatments for these conditions and many others.

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