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Ernie's knee replacements were anything but ordinary. His original surgeries took place in 2010 but after a bout with pneumonia in the summer of 2011, the infection from the illness had spread to his right knee. Upon visiting Orthopedic Specialist, Gonzalo Valdivia, MD, he found that additional treatments would be needed.

To ensure Ernie's full health and recovery, Dr. Valdivia removed the prostheses and treated the area with antibiotics. "I had hoped that by September the infection would be gone and Dr. Valdivia could replace the prosthesis, but I was still healing," shares Ernie. "Once the infection had finally cleared, the prosthesis was replaced in November 2011. I went through rehab again and started to feel much better."

"It took some time but I knew I was in great hands. I thoroughly enjoyed the Health First nurses, staff, and of course Dr. Valdivia. In my book giving them a 'perfect 10' isn't good enough. They get an 11 from me! They were just fantastic."

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Knee replacement is recognized as one of the most successful procedures in medicine today.

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