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At the age of 68, Hal had both of his knees replaced by Orthopedic Specialist Daniel King, MD, ending a very long battle with joint pain. Surviving a near-fatal car accident when he was 28 years old, Hal had a lengthy and difficult recovery. The injuries were so severe, that it took three years for his legs to finally heal. Since that time, he had battled arthritis in his knees compounded by the crooked way his legs healed.

"I have been what you may call, orthopedically-challenged for most of my life. Besides my car accident, I have had other injures and have met many great Orthopedic Specialists over the years. Most recently, I had hoped to get my legs straightened out so I could eventually have knee replacement surgery. That’s when I first met Dr. Daniel Segina. He and Dr. Robert Brennan straightened my left leg surgically by using a rod implant. When the time came to explore knee replacements, Dr. Segina referred me to Dr. King and I was so impressed with how much they both cared about me."

Further complicating Hal's treatment was his allergy to nickel, a common component of knee replacement implants. "Dr. King took the time to research implants that didn't use nickel and I was able to get my new knees. Today I feel amazing! I can actually squat now—I haven't been able to do that in 30 years."

"I'm back to work now and traveling, boating, and gardening. I couldn't be happier. If I had one word of advice to anyone considering knee replacement—it would be to get to Dr. King's office as quickly as you can and don't spend another day in pain."

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Knee replacement is recognized as one of the most successful procedures in medicine today.

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