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We know they're out there, but it's not often we have a close encounter with a shark. At least that's what Justin used to think. In spring 2012, he was paddling out on his surfboard when a shark clamped down on his left hand. He was able to free his hand to keep from being pulled under water, but two of his fingers were shredded by the sharp teeth.

Upon arrival at the hospital, he was stabilized but his injuries would require the expertise of a specialist if he hoped to save his fingers. In addition to the stress of his injuries, Justin was a struggling college student with a limited income and was deeply concerned about the cost of treatment.

"Dr. Branham saw me right away, and I was so glad he did. Even though he told me how severe my injuries were, he still made me feel at ease. And when I brought up my concern for the cost, he said he wanted to focus on saving my fingers first and that we could talk about money later. I was scheduled for surgery at 7 am the very next day."

"The surgery was a real success and everyone at Health First was so helpful and nice – all they cared about was my recovery!"

Hip Care Services

Hip pain may be the result of a sudden injury such as a fall but could also be due to a degeneration of healthy tissue at the hip area.

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Danield Branham, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

A Board-Certified, HealthGrades-recognized Orthopedic Specialist in upper extremity, hand, and trauma surgery, Dr. Branham is also a recipient of the Compassionate Doctor Recognition and Patients' Choice awards.

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