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"If you're having joint pain, don't put off treatment." These words of advice come from Robert who received a total knee replacement in his left leg with Orthopedic Specialist, Jeffrey Greenspoon, MD. Robert was an athlete throughout his childhood and into college where he played baseball and basketball. As an adult he was and is still extremely active in the community as a minister and real estate developer. Over time, his knees began to give way to wear and tear and were in need of treatment.

Dr. Greenspoon treated his knee arthroscopically to provide some relief but was up front with Robert that knee replacement would likely be needed within a year. He was right. Anxious to get back in shape to watch his grandchildren's sport and school events and resume his hobbies of fishing, hunting, and traveling with this wife, Robert didn't hesitate.

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Knee replacement is recognized as one of the most successful procedures in medicine today.

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