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Trudy loves golf, swimming, and being outdoors so she didn't know if her shoulder injury was the result of one particular movement or if it was due to simple overuse. She just knew that there was definitely something wrong. Working in the medical profession, Trudy was confident in the experience and approach of Orthopedic Specialist Richard Harrison, MD and Health First, so he was her first call.

"He listened closely to what I had to say," says Trudy, "and after a thorough evaluation, he had determined that I had a tear in my right rotator cuff. He gave me several treatment options and that was really important to me. I felt like I truly had a say in how I was going to overcome this pain. I tried to avoid surgery through cortisone injections and therapy but when those didn't give me the pain relief I needed, I decided to have surgery."

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Shoulder pain can be caused for many reasons; however the end result is usually the same - annoying and debilitative pain that interferes with routine activities.

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