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One Number for All Locations:
Phone: 321-434-6100

For Health First Medical Group Locations:
Phone: 321-725-4500


If you have any questions concerning your outpatient diagnostic needs, please know that you may always call us at 321-434-6100. You can also refer to these Frequently Asked Questions for your added convenience.

Q: What do I do after my exam?
A: Health First Diagnostics will always provide the patient with discharge instructions. We will also send your results directly to your physician. You should contact your physician so that he/she can review your results.

Q: Can I self-refer for diagnostic services?
A: You must have a referral or order from a physician for all diagnostic services, except for the screening mammogram.

Q: How should I dress when I come for an exam?
A: Clothing depends on the service you are receiving. However, typically you should dress comfortably with as litle jewelry and/or metal on your body as possible.

Q: How do you communicate results to my physician?
A: Health First Diagnostics will send results to the physician in the manner they request - usually via electronic transmission within 24 hours of the test.

Exam Prep Instruction
Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions about your upcoming procedure at 321-434-6100. Patients frequently have questions about radiology procedures their physician has ordered. We encourage our patients to visit This web site offers current and accurate patient information about diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and radiation therapy procedures.


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