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Health First Medical Equipment Store-Melbourne (Map)
1131 W. New Haven Ave, Suite 101
West Melbourne FL, 32904

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About Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

At Health First Medical Equipment, we pay special attention to providing the highest quality products with superior customer service. We understand your home medical equipment needs are important and we work hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet those needs.
We rent and sell state-of-the-art durable medical equipment (DME), including:

  • A complete line of respiratory care products
  • Hospital room set-ups for your home
  • Continuous passive motion (CPM) devices
  • Lift chairs
  • Transport chairs
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Retail Healthcare products

When Do Your Need Medical Equipment?
Paying for Medical Equipment
Location and Hours/Free 24/7 Delivery and Set Up

When Do You Need Medical Equipment?
In most cases, a physician will prescribe medical equipment to improve your quality of care and life. At Health First Medical Equipment, we understand that this might be your first time buying or renting equipment and that it might seem difficult to operate at first. Our dedicated and trained associates can walk you through the set up and use of all of our products to make the learning process smooth. We also have videos posted online to help you troubleshoot any difficulties you might be having. Even if your bed malfunctions in the middle of the night, you can still rest easy. A Health First Medical Equipment Associate can be contacted at any time for replacement equipment. Our job is to make your job of healing as smooth as possible.

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Paying for Medical Equipment
It's always a good idea to contact your insurance company. Knowing how your insurance company will pay your claims and if they are a participating provider will help you avoid unexpected costs later. Each patient is responsible for knowing their insurance contract and which providers participate with their insurance plan. Health First has contracts with a number of managed care organizations including:

  • Health First Health Plans
  • Medicare - No competitive Bid Items
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare Commercial

Should you have any questions or concerns about what insurance carriers or networks Health First has entered into a contractual relationship with, please call our Customer Service Department at 321-434-3400 or toll-free at 877-713-1400. For your convenience, you may also contact us via email at

For more information about managed care or how to contract with Health First, please e-mail the Manager of Managed Care Contracting & Provider Relations or call us at 321-434-5112.

Location and Hours/Free 24/7 Delivery and Set Up
Our Health First Medical Equipment retail store is located on West Hibiscus Boulevard in Melbourne, and patients and families are always welcome to visit and learn about all of the products available.

Health First Medical Equipment offers free delivery and set up all across Brevard County.

Health First Medical Equipment Store-Melbourne
1131 W. New Haven Ave, Suite 101
West Melbourne FL, 32904
Toll free 877-713-1400

Open 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Monday — Friday

Delivery Options
Health First Medical Equipment is happy to deliver your equipment right to your door. If a product is not in stock in our store, we will drop-ship it in the timeliest fashion possible.

Accreditations & Licensure, Privacy Information
The quality of care and safety of our patients is a priority at Health First Medical Equipment. Health First Medical Equipment is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission. As a Joint Commission accredited facility, we encourage you to share your concerns regarding quality of care or safety with management at 321-434-3400. The public may contact the Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints about a Joint Commission accreded health care organization by either calling 1-800-994-6620 or visiting



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