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If you ever have any questions concerning your home care needs, please know that you may always call us at 321-459-1804. You can also check these Frequently Asked Questions for your added convenience.

Q: Do I need an order from a physician?
No order is needed from a physician to get Private Duty services. Anyone may call and request services from Health First Private Duty.

Q: Who pays for Private Duty services?
We're happy to help you determine if the services you need are covered by your insurance and help you file claims or provide any necessary documentation required by you or your insurer. Our services are also available on an hourly, private-pay basis.

Q: How do I know I can trust the person coming into my home?
The safety and security of our clients is our top priority. Our employees undergo full background checks, including fingerprinting, national background checks, drug screening, physical examination, Department of Motor Vehicle Record checks, as well as reference checks. Additionally, our team consists of all Health First Associates -no outside contractors. Our workers are fully covered by Health First for Worker's Compensation and unemployment issues.

Q: Can I get the same person every time?
We believe in continuity of care and strive to assign the caregiver of your choice every time. The only time we can't fulfill this is in times when the caregiver is absent from work due to illness or time off. In these cases, we will assign the most comparable replacement. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority.

Q: When will I know it's time to get help in my home?
One of the best reasons to ask for help is safety. Do you or your loved one feel unsafe living alone? Are you or your loved one having difficulty preparing food or bathing? Are you unable to manage your medications and take them as prescribed? Are you unable to safely get out to do your grocery shopping or errands? If you answered "Yes" to just one of the above, it might be time to inquire about assistance.

Q: How is my caregiver selected?
We provide an in-home consultation to assess a client's needs, including medical information, personal interests and hobbies, and a personality profile. This information helps us match the best caregiver for each individual.

Important Tips When Buying Private Duty Services
Here are a few important questions you should ask about an agency and its caregivers if you or a family member needs in-home services:

  1. Do the caregivers work as employees of a licensed 'home healthcare agency,' or is it merely a 'registry' for independent contractors?
  2. Is the staff bonded and insured by the agency or independently?
  3. Are caregivers paid through the agency or directly by the patient after each visit?
  4. Who pays the caregiver's taxes?
  5. Who's responsible if caregivers are injured in your homeā??the agency or the patient/family?
  6. Is there a registered nurse on-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies?
  7. Does the agency conduct background and reference checks, drug testing, health testing, and skill competency levels for each caregiver?



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