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Q: How do I switch my CPAP mask?
Call your medical equipment company that supplies your mask to receive a new mask.

Q: Can I visit the Sleep Center before my scheduled appointment?
Yes, tours of the sleep center are provided. Please feel free to call us to schedule a daytime tour before your test. We will be happy to accommodate your visit.

Q: How will I be able to sleep with so many things attached to me?
It's true that you might find it a bit difficult at first, but most people do not find it an obstacle to falling asleep. We will make every effort to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. If a problem arises, your sleep technologist will make adjustments.

Q: What if I need to use the bathroom during the study?
If you need to use the bathroom during the night, you can call your sleep technologist on the intercom for assistance. they will temporarily disconnect you from the sleep monitoring equipment and then reconnect you.

Q: What happens after my sleep study?
A large amount of data is collected while you are sleeping. A sleep specialist will analyze this information and a formal report with recommendations will be sent to your physician. On the night of the study, the sleep technologist will not be able to give you information about your results. Please schedule a follow-up visit with your physician to discuss your results and recommendations for treatment.


Health First Sleep Center

Please feel free to call us to schedule a daytime tour.