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Referral Information for Physicians
Physician and self-referrals are welcome, and Health First Wound Care is happy to assist patients in obtaining a physician referral when required by the patient's health insurance. Physician referral is required for Hyperbarics. We embrace the philosophy that frequent communication between the patient's primary physician and wound physician is essential and benefits the patient's care at our wound program.

When a patient is referred to our program, a member of the Health First Wound Care team will not only continue the exceptional quality care the primary physician offers, but will also:

  • Evaluate the wound and develop an aggressive individual treatment plan based on the type of wound and its underlying cause
  • Utilize advanced therapies and technologies, including hyperbaric oxygen when needed
  • Educate patients and care givers on proper wound care and prevention
  • Schedule treatment and follow-up appointments to monitor your patient's progress
  • Communicate with you regularly and ensure your continue to provide care for all non-wound related treatments

To refer a patient or make an appointment for yourself, please call 321-434-1788.

Please complete our referral form and submit to us.


Health First Wound Care

Physician and self-referrals are welcome.