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Designed to help you win the battle against reflux

The LINX Reflux Management System is a new procedure used for treating GERD or Reflux when medication no longer provides adequate symptom control. LINX is a bracelet shaped system of flexible magnetic titanium beads that, when placed around the esophagus, supports a weak or malfunctioning lower esophageal sphincter (LES) (the muscle that opens and closes to allow food to enter and stay in the stomach) which may be causing acid reflux. Unlike other procedures that treat reflux, LINX requires no alteration to the stomach.

A Short Procedure — A Lifetime without Reflux

LINX is implanted using a minimally invasive surgical technique called laparoscopy. This method uses small incisions in the abdominal wall to access the area around the esophagus where the device will be positioned. The procedure boasts quick recovery times, as patients are encouraged to resume eating normally and returning to regular physical activities as quickly as can be tolerated.

Imagine life with no medication, heartburn or regurgitation

  • 85% of patients were free from dependence on daily reflux medication after treatment with LINX.
  • 88% of LINX patients reported that bothersome heartburn had been eliminated after treatment with LINX.
  • 99% of patients eliminated bothersome regurgitation after treatment with LINX.

It’s time to solve reflux for good and take back control of your life.

Meet our LINX specialists

Dr. Nathan Allison and Dr. Kenneth Tieu are currently the only surgeons in Brevard County who perform the LINX implantation surgery.

Nathan Allison, MD Nathan Allison, MD
Board-certified General Surgeon

Kenneth Tieu, MD Kenneth Tieu, MD
Board-certified General Surgeon


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