The future of nursing calls for a high level of education and professional development for registered nurses across the country. The role that nurses play in the continuum of care is a vital part of the patient experience. Nationally, surveys show that an overwhelming percentage of patients feel that nurses should have at least four years of post-high school education in order to perform their duties. Nurses must remain on the cutting edge of their practice in order to provide the high levels of care.

As part of a new initiative to help increase the percentage of Health First Bachelor-prepared nurses and to promote lifelong learning, Health First is pleased to announce a nursing scholarship program for all associates funded by the Health First Foundation, as well as an increase in annual tuition reimbursement for associates enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Funds for the Nursing Scholarship Program are made possible through your generous gifts to the Health First Foundation. When you make a gift to Nursing Excellence, you are advancing the future of our community’s health and academic distinction.

Make a gift today to Health First Foundation to benefit Nursing Excellence.

“Receiving a scholarship from the Health First Foundation to continue my nursing education has changed my life by giving me the confidence and skills I need to make a more meaningful difference in patients’ lives.”

Dawn Yochim, BSN Scholarship Recipient