For more than 35 years, Hospice of Health First has been Brevard County’s leading provider of compassionate and skilled hospice care. Focused on improving the quality of life for families dealing with loved one’s end-of-life illness, Health First strives to make every remaining moment as comfortable, pain-free and meaningful as possible. Hospice of Health First provides services wherever patients feel most comfortable, whether it’s at home, in a medical facility such as a nursing home, or in one of Health First’s top tier inpatient units, including The Health First William Childs Hospice House.

The life-saving and humanitarian efforts of all Health First entities have always relied in art on the generous time, energy and financial gifts of local residents. Through support of the Health First Foundation, facilities can be built and renovated, new patient services launched, lifesaving equipment purchased and high quality doctors and nurses recruited and retained. Over $4 million in community donations went into building The William Childs Hospice House in 2002. Since that date, thousands of patients have received hospice care through Hospice of Health First, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2015 alone, close to $100,000 was disbursed in hospice charity care for those struggling financially. We hope to continue Brevard’s legacy of community philanthropy for those needing hospice services.

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Program Spotlight- Bright Star Program - Special Bereavement Services for Children

Bright Star is a specialized children's program for grief and loss that encourages the expression of grief experiences through creative, positive play within a peer group setting. Bright Star provides a safe and supportive environment where children, teens, and their families grieving the death of a loved one can share their experience. Through funding from Health First Foundation this program assures that children don't have to grieve in silence with Bright Star lighting the way.