Volunteers Forever is a special planned giving program created specifically for Health First volunteers who want to support the health and wellness of Brevard’s future generations as powerfully as they do today, by making it simple to leave a financial bequest. Volunteers Forever ensures your generosity will be a healing force of compassion in the lives of our patients and their families forever.

When you pledge to Volunteers Forever, you make a commitment to help others without spending anything during your lifetime. It is a unique deferred giving program that takes nothing from your current resources. We encourage you to provide for your family first and then consider a bequest to the Health First Foundation.

Thanks to the efforts and dedication of volunteers, Health First is a strong and trusted provider of health and wellness services. By remember us in your will-through a designation of a specific dollar amount, percentage of your estate or a piece of property-you ensure our unique model of health care continues to grow and benefit our community.

Click here for more information on Volunteers Forever or contact the Foundation at 321.434.7353