Information for Grant Seekers

In an effort to provide a system-wide process whereby Health First Associates and their leaders may apply for funding, all grant applications made to outside entities on behalf of Health First and/or a related hospital, program or service will be facilitated through the Health First Foundation. All requests for internal funding through use of Health First Foundation philanthropic gift funds will also follow a centralized process.

We have created instructions for each submission. This will help streamline your request, ensure project alignment to organizational mission and aid in accurate tracking and reporting.

Requests will be placed in one of two categories:

1. Grants - These opportunities come from a variety of sources outside Health First such as the federal government, private or corporate foundations and state government.

2. Funding Requests - These requests may be funded internally from Foundation philanthropic revenues. Examples of appropriate uses are general or specialty items needed to enhance patient care, equipment, services or programs within the Health First system.

  • External Grant Opportunities

    Grant opportunities come from a variety of sources (foundations, federal government, etc.) and fund many different initiatives and needs (program enhancing, research based, need based, budget relieving) No standard grant application exists (each one is different) Some grant applications are simple, while others are quite complicated. All have a required reporting component. Attachments are required and often similar (501c3 designation letter from IRS, consolidated financials, foundation and project budgets, etc.).

  • Grant Project Request Submittal Form

    Click here to open the Health First Foundation Grant Request Form

    This form will assist the Foundation in planning and writing the grant application. Complete the form to the best of your ability before you contact the Foundation - the more detailed you can make it the better... This is information we must have to begin the process. Form must be turned into Sean Farrell at least six weeks before the application deadline. (Eight weeks is preferable)

    Once submitted, the Foundation will vet it to determine its feasibility and if it's a good fit for Health First. The Foundation will then work with you to gather additional information needed to complete the grant application. Sometimes the grant's issuer will provide a specific timeline for decision-making, but other times they will not. Please be patient, it can take months, or even years before they are announced. The project may have a lengthy review process, or the grant application could be deferred to the next grant cycle.

    If You Do Not Have a Specific Grant Opportunity in mind you must still complete the form, and we will research potential opportunities for funding for the project.

    DIRECTIONS: Please complete the entire form before contacting the Foundation Office about your grant opportunity. Forms must be received by the Foundation Office a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the grant application deadline. You do not need to use complete sentences; bullet points are acceptable. Please include any web links or other sources that can provide additional information related to your request.

  • Internal Grant Funding

    Click here to open the Health First Foundation Internal Funding Request Form

    Completing the form will assist the Health First Foundation in securing approval for your funding request. Before completing the form, make sure you have the appropriate approvals in your department and/or hospital before you contact the Foundation. This is information we must have to begin the process.

    Once submitted, the Foundation will verify the appropriate approvals from your department director and hospital president are included; and also determine if funds are available that match your request. The Foundation may ask for additional information if needed.

    The Foundation will confirm the receipt of your application and advise a timeline for approval. Your request will then be submitted to Health First leadership for their review and approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

    If approved, funding details will be provided. If your request involves multiple draws, the inital funding amount will remain open for one year from date of approval. It will be your responsibility to work with vendors, obtain a User Request Form (URF) Approval for capital projects (if applicable) and provide Foundation or Finance with draw request back up as needed.

    The Foundation can only fund up to the original awarded amount. If a project incurs cost overruns and additional funds are needed, a new request for the balance must be submitted for approval.

For more information about grant writing, funding requests or to submit completed forms, please contact Health First Foundation at 321.434.7353