Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options.

Weight loss surgery isn’t always the answer. Our non-surgical weight loss options can help you make a lasting change.

Make goals and cross the finish line.

Our NewFit non-surgical weight loss program gives you the guidance, tools, and access you need to meet your wellness goals in a healthy way — no fad diets, no extreme exercise.

Our medically guided program is led by a certified obesity medicine physician. Services include specially trained dietitians, exercise specialists, and behavioral specialists who want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your weight loss journey.

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Non-surgical weight loss guidebook - English

Non-surgical weight loss guidebook - Español

What to expect.

We will work with you every step of the way. You will start the program with a thorough evaluation to assess your health, your wellness goals and your preferences.

The program includes a multi-faceted approach to weight loss that focuses on much more than just the scale.

  • Recommended diet plans and nutritional coaching.
  • Access to registered dietitians.
  • Follow up appointments.
  • Progress check-ins.
  • Nutritional supplements.*
  • Indirect calorimetry (case-by-case basis).*

*Offered at additional cost

Convenient follow up appointments.

We know you have a busy, active life. To help you stay on track, we offer virtual visits with our NewFit specialists so you can check in and get guidance without having to come in for an appointment.

If you prefer face time with our experts, that's great too. We look forward to seeing you.


Am I a good candidate for the non-surgical weight loss program?

Each NewFit patient is an individual with unique perspectives, needs and goals. A few things we consider for all our patients:

  • You have made diet and exercise attempts on your own, but have experienced little to no weight loss.
  • Your wellness, health and quality of life are at risk.
  • Your doctors have done metabolic testing to rule out a diagnosis or underlying medical cause for weight gain.
  • You have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher.