Knee Pain & Replacement.

Getting you back on your feet.

We specialize in treating knee pain. Our specialists use the newest technology and the latest in sports medicine to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

From injections to surgery to rehabilitation, we've got you covered. So get out your running shoes. Make a date for dancing. Get back on your feet.


Knee Replacement Surgery.

More than 700,000 people have knee replacements each year in the United States — it's one of the most successful medical procedures performed today. 

Our knee specialists will diagnose and treat you with a plan that's customized to your wellness and health goals. We perform knee replacements using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest surgical techniques.

Your goals are our goals — a quick recovery and successful return to your active lifestyle. We may even be able to perform an outpatient knee replacement so you can begin your recovery in the comfort of your own home the very same day.

Whether you want to get back to running errands or running marathons, we are here to support you every step of the way.



What to expect after your knee replacement.

Your recovery timeline will be unique to you. Most knee replacement patients recover fully over the course of several months. After surgery, most patients require an assistive device like crutches or a walker for a short time. 

It's common to feel post-surgical pain and discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication, ice, or over-the-counter pain relievers to help you manage post-operative discomfort. 

Your recovery doesn't stop once you've achieved full freedom of movement. Our orthopedic team will work with you to create a future wellness plan—including nutrition and post-surgical fitness tips, flexibility exercises, and stress management—so you can feel stronger and confident.


Knee surgery and rehabilitation.

Sometimes surgery is the best option to relieve your knee pain, restore mobility and fix damage from an accident, trauma, or sports injury.

Your knee surgery and rehab plan is customized for your goals and overall health so that you bounce back feeling ready to get back to your normal activities.


Non-surgical knee care.

We treat knee pain and discomfort without surgery whenever possible. Whether you've suffered a sports injury, a strain or your knee is beginning to show signs of joint damage, see a specialist for an expert opinion. There are many ways to stay active and pain-free.

Your doctor may recommend:

  • Prescription medication
  • Joint rest
  • Gel injections
  • Specialized knee brace or medical tape
  • Physical therapy


Success story: Hal

Knee replacements

Hal, 68, had been living with severe joint pain ever since a near-fatal car accident when he was 28 years old. Arthritis, compounded by the crooked way his legs healed following the accident, left him in pain.

Health First orthopedic specialists Dr. Daniel Segina and Dr. Robert Brennan surgically straightened his left leg using a rod implant. Then he was referred to Dr. King to explore the possibility of knee replacements.

Hal's treatment was complicated by an allergy to nickel, a common component of knee replacement implants.

"Dr. King took the time to research implants that didn't use nickel and I was able to get my new knees," Hal said. "Today I feel amazing! I can actually squat now—I haven't been able to do that in 30 years."


Success Story: Pat

Outpatient total knee replacement

Pat had already undergone a total knee replacement and revision surgery on her left knee and was hoping to avoid having surgery on her right knee. But when she couldn't ignore the pain in her right knee anymore, she attended a seminar by Health First orthopedic specialist Dr. Scott Miller.

"I saw that he performed this procedure as an outpatient. I knew this was what I wanted, if possible, not a three- or four-day hospital stay," Pat said, adding that she also attended a joint class to prepare for her surgery.

“I had surgery at 7:15 a.m. and was discharged by 3:15 p.m.," she said. "It was the easiest knee replacement I've ever had. I felt back to normal by the next day.”

Pat followed up with outpatient physical therapy and was walking unassisted within two weeks.

"This type of surgery is a game-changer," she said. "I had all the information needed every step of the way for a quick recovery."

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